Another Chapter Closes, But A New One Begins

As I write this post, I am only 16 days away from graduating from the University of Florida. My time here, has been well spent. In fact, the video above is my MMJ/Anchor Reel. It briefly summarizes and gives examples of my work during these last two years at WUFT News and GTN News (now CBS4 News).

Being at UF’s College of Journalism and Communications, has given me an immense advantage over other recent graduates applying for jobs in my field. I not only know what it is like to be a TV Reporter, but also a TV Producer, Radio Producer, Radio Journalist, and Web Writer. All of my work can be found at my website.

But, the CJC wouldn’t be THE CJC without the Center for Media Innovation and Research. The CMIR has helped students like me, have real word experience, with facilities like our 21st Century News Lab and the Aha! Lab. Without the Innovation News Center, me and my fellow classmates wouldn’t be able to get jobs in medium sized markets. We wouldn’t be able to compete at a higher rate for network internships. We wouldn’t be able to work with and meet some of the greatest professors and news managers in the industry.

So, in conclusion, I have to give my thanks to every professor I had in the CJC. I have to thank the news managers who worked day in and day out to make sure I know how to lead in the stations I may one day work at. I have to show my gratitude to the programs offered at the J-School. And I have to say, that the two years I have spent at the University of Florida, have been the greatest experience of my life. Forever and always, it’s GREAT to be a Florida Gator.



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“The Tipping Point” Review

“The Tipping Point,” is an interesting book. It explores what author, Malcolm Gladwell, dubs “the tipping point,” in three different parts: the Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context. Gladwell writes the novel using the idea that we can apply the tipping point in all aspects of our lives or just society in general.

For instance, when he speaks of the “Law of the Few,” he references the idea of 20% of the population committing 80% of crimes, or 20% of society doing most of the hard work for an economy. Gladwell’s ideas and examples are realistic and applicable. The “Law of the Few” he speaks of can be applied to racial disparity, financial aid winners, even college acceptance rates. It’s a rational example, that can be tailored to meet each individuals needs, whatever those may be.

“The Stickiness Factor,” being the second part of the so-called, “tipping point” divulges into how the message presented in the first idea, has to be irresistible. The audience has to love it and want it, like when watching a movie. Or if a singer wants people to buy his or her music, they have to make it wanted. They have to market well, write music others like, make beats the people enjoy listening, and then make it a package and deliver it to society, and from their individuals in society can choose to accept the package or deny it.

The final factor, “The Power of Context,” explores how the “point” gets “tipped.” It states that society is “sensitive to changes” that are caused or can be caused by “the stickiness factor” (pg. 140). Gladwell speaks of this principle, in a light as if it is the deciding factor in things, because it in fact is. Gladwell uses a couple different examples to explain his thoughts, but the one that stuck the most to me was the prison experiment. What psychologists discovered from the experiment they conducted, is that an individual’s environment results in their actions. So, does this in fact mean that if crime rates are higher in areas stricken by poverty, that-that is so because poverty causes crime? That is what “the Power of Context” aims to prove. What happens to an individual, what they are put through, where they grow up, ultimately controls their actions.

After explaining the three different factors thoroughly, Gladwell writes of two different chapters involving two different case studies. He applies “the tipping point” to each case and explains the process for each case. He then concludes the book, speaking on the three principles once again. He makes sure the reader understands the importance of “the tipping point” and how it can be applied to life.

If you want to make a difference in society, use “the tipping point.” If you want to start a movement, use “the tipping point.” If you want to re-evaluate your life, understand “the tipping point.” In a sense, the saying “your friends are a reflection of you,” is in fact true. But, until you read, understand, and want to apply “The Tipping Point,” to your life, the match you hold in your hand everyday, won’t “burn,” it won’t “tip,” it won’t make a difference, because you have become too settled, too stuck in your way, and too lazy to let the match “burn.”

My Future Coworkers and Friends, Yet Competition Part 2

This post will continue the positivity found in my last post.

James Fertil has a big life ahead of him. I haven’t known him for long, but I know that I am very interested to see what he is capable of, within the next year. I feel like he is very passionate about the field, very willing to work for the community. And really cares about his people and their issues. And we need reporters like that, who truly care and want to do things to help others. And I would definitely like to be his Producer next year, if I am given the chance.

Remember the name, Connor Ingalls, because he will be a household name. Connor has been doing sports for as long as I have known him. And he is truly, good at it. I am really happy to see his blog reflects his love of sports. And from what I can see, he isn’t writing meaningless posts about this sport and that, he is writing real op-eds. I am really hoping he can use this as another example of his sports journalism expertise.

Megan Trepper is a sweetheart and very good at taking criticism. You won’t see this on her blog, but when you meet her, she is so willing to take your advice and learn from it in order to better herself. But bettering herself, is in fact something you can see in what she writes. She gives you recipes to have a healthier lifestyle, and it is something you should really consider, if you want to better yourself and your life.

My Future Coworkers and Friends, Yet Competition

One thing you easily learn in the media world, is you become friends and in some cases, family with many of your coworkers. You all have a bond of moving from place to place, for very little pay, trying to make it big, and submitting your reel to every station known to man. But, at the end of the day you also realize they are your very competition.

One of the people that I work with and admire, in this aspect, is Crystal Bailey. Crystal is good at what she does. And looking from a producer’s perspective, I feel she is probably one of the best reporters at WUFT. I have known her for quite some time now. We have had classes together, interned together, worked together, and so on. And like my blog, Crystal’s focuses on a day in the life of a media individual. Except hers is more tailored to her internship days.

Another person I have known for some time is Aggie Buedo. I enjoy her blog, because it’s different. Sometimes it’s about smoothies, other times, it is about water, or stretching. Aggie does a good job of changing it up. And her bio is very energetic and lively. She really wants to represent herself in what she writes, because you really get to know her with every word she types.

The last person I would like to mention in this post, is Olivia Courtney. First off, that is a very catchy name. Perfect for TV if you were to ask me. But, like the others I have mentioned in this post, Olivia is going to go far. I have the honor of being her Producer on Fridays for WUFT’s “First at Five.” She makes an amazing Entertainment reporter. Her blog, also showcases the work she does, and who she wants to be in the media world. And I know she will go far, wherever TV takes her. She is willing to do what it takes. Even if it means doing open heart surgery for her standup (inside joke) lol.

About Darling

Darling Hill was born in California. Since then, she’s lived in Virginia, Washington D.C., and several cities in Florida. She has also traveled to Chile many times throughout her life. She speaks Spanish fluently, and at the age of 18 graduated with an Associate of Arts in Mass Communication from the College of Central Florida. Now a Senior at the University of Florida, she is pursuing a double major in Telecommunications-News Track and Political Science. She will graduate with both Bachelor’s degrees at the age of 20. Darling knew since 7th grade that broadcast journalism was what she wanted her life to be about. Not only did she start her own show for her middle school that year, she also won third place in the Marion County Media Festival for the instructional category. That year made her realize that journalism was where she wanted to be, and that it made sense, because she comes from a family of journalists which includes her grandfather and both of her uncles. She went on to place 1st in the Marion County Media Festival her senior year for a public service video. She currently works as a journalist, videographer, and Producer for WUFT-TV, a CNN and NBC affiliate. She is also an Associate Producer for GTN News, a CBS and NBC affiliate, and the Studio Manager for GTN’s “The Friday Night End Zone.” She interns at the Gainesville Police Department and is a reporter for the Gator Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists’ online magazine site,  Zion Magazine. In the past, she has Interned with GTN News, as well as been a Radio Producer and Journalist for WUFT-FM 89.1, an NPR affiliate.

Darling Hill Resume

I believe the number one thing preached about in the University of Florida’s Journalism School, besides reels, are resumes. Resumes are the key to success. Every job will ask for a resume, even if they don’t ask or require a cover letter or letter of intent, because it is a list of your work experience, skills, education, all rolled up into one or two sheets of paper. So for this blog post, I thought I would go ahead and allow my readers to look at my resume. Once again it is available on my website (also on my LinkedIn) at this link: Darling Hill. Feel free to critique, make comments, or even pass it along to any hiring managers you may know :).

I-75 Congestion Continues


At this point in Alachua County, I-75 seems to have a huge accident at least once a month, that involves having to close down lanes for hours. Today, was that day in this month. I-75 NB was closed down north of Gainesville for a crash. And this only makes me remember about that time I had to cover breaking news. Reporting isn’t always fun. And having to walk up an exit, into an overpass ramp, and doing it all in the rain, while not trying to get run over by cars at night, is even worse. I applaud any reporter and photographer that is willing to do this for a news story. And I am happy to know that FDOT is making plans to try and fix congestion on the highway, in the near future.

Active Shooter Situations Are Becoming The New Norm

Over the years mass shootings have become a new norm in America. And with a Presidential Election heating up, more and more candidates are having to respond to questions regarding them. Over the weekend, a shooting in Michigan that left 6 dead, wasn’t your typical active shooter situation. The shooter shot random targets in different areas of Kalamazoo, as opposed to occupying a specific building. Just an hour ago, another active shooter situation was reported in Hesston, Kansas. While the Kalamazoo shooting was at random, the Hesston one could very well be work-related given the shooting took place at work between employees, according to what authorities are saying at the moment. The story above, I did for WUFT News in December after the San Bernardino and Paris attacks. The story follows an active shooter video that has been posted by numerous law enforcement agencies across the country. This video can be found on the same website, that was mentioned in my “Marketing Yourself” post from last week.

Marketing Yourself

Having a job in the media is interesting. While regular people submit resumes and cover letters, although you do that too, you are also asked to submit a reporter reel, sports reel, sometimes even a producing reel. Or you are invited down to show off your talent. But, nowadays, there is more to marketing yourself than just a reel, but a website to show off all of your work. I began my website a year ago, and since then I have watched it grow from one piece, to many pieces. My website is customized by the stations I have worked at. I have WUFT-FM, WUFT-TV, GTN News, and ZION Magazine showcased on there. My portfolio is my website, and it shows you every piece I have done, not just the ones I end up putting on my reel. It has a mixture of my “Okay” work, as well as my best work. I have even used one video in particular, that can not only be found on my Youtube Channel, but also in my last post.

In media, marketing is everything. If you don’t put yourself out there, how do you expect to get a job? If you do not make sure your face is out there (minus Facebook and Instagram posts), how do you expect people to know who you are? Make that professional Twitter account. Create that website. Upload your work. Show off your talents. Someone who tries their hardest to show their characteristics and that is a go-getter and tries to reach their ambitions, is far better than someone who just sits back and waits for great things to happen to them.