My 1 Year Anniversary

On Monday, January 18, I celebrated a year at the Gainesville Television Network, also known as GTN News, and now CBS 4 and NBC 9. The picture above is the first picture I ever took for GTN, and the first I had ever taken as a News Intern. Celebrating 1 year at GTN has made me reminisce of the ups and downs at the station.

GTN is where I began my TV career. As an Intern, I would shoot footage for reporters, practice standups, and write VOs, VOSOTs, Readers, and Web Stories for the station. I would also get assigned to special projects, sometimes with another Intern, and other times on my own.

A lot has happened since my first day at the station. I have helped with the production and creation of Sweeps pieces, specials, watched the station begin to construct a studio, because we do not have one. I have also watched us go from a station of two reporters, to one of four reporters. Working holidays and breaks also helped me get promoted. I am the first Intern to ever become an Associate Producer at GTN. And remember that studio we constructed? I became the station’s first Studio Manager for the new football show we began in August. GTN has helped me learn how to be a producer, a reporter, an editor, and a manager. And it has given me plenty of stories to tell you all through my blog. So, I would like to officially welcome you to “The Adventures of Working in Media.”


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