My Media Career Continues

In my last post, I mentioned celebrating 1 year at GTN this week. But, I have another work anniversary to celebrate too. A year ago today, I began my journalistic career at WUFT News.

From January to May, I would be a Radio Journalist for WUFT-FM 89.1. When May came around, I would become a Radio Producer. Now, I would not only report the news on 89.1, but I would also oversee the newest radio journalists, who needed help beginning their journalism careers. I chose to be a radio producer, because when I was a radio journalist, my producer wasn’t the nicest person in the world. I felt like those who are trying to learn, needed someone who would sit down with them, and take the time to help them reach their full potential. I continued producing radio until August. When July hit, I also took up a new position: TV Reporter.

As I began my career with WUFT-TV, I continued patiently waiting for the day that I would go from shooting, writing, and editing VOSOTs for “First at Five,” to now doing actual packages for them. That opportunity came when August hit. And for one day in December, I was a fill-in anchor for the newscast.

One year later, I still occasionally report for WUFT-TV, but now I also produce the Friday newscast. And between GTN and WUFT, I realize I enjoy being in charge more than being on TV.


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