WUFT’s Newest Producer

If I had never taken the AP and Studio Manager job at GTN, I would have never become a Producer at WUFT. I never realized how much I enjoy being a producer, or just being in charge. I get to listen to everyone’s pitches, decide on the best ones, decide who is reporting, who is doing live shots and from where. I get to stack the show as I like, and add the national and state news, that I deem fit enough. I get to put together an entire show, and it is thrilling.

But, I am still learning, and still making mistakes as I go along. Each show is better. My first show, we were still using the regular FTP system. My second show, I had to learn an entire new system called Nexio. But, man oh man, is it way easier than the last system. And personally, it makes more sense. The first day of grasping it was tough, but my show last week came out pretty well for only using Nexio for the second time.

Last week, we also got our new set of reporters. Having to answer texts and calls every five seconds, because they are new, can be hectic, but it is fun. They trust me to give them the best advice and help possible. And I love being able to help them and give them guidance.

I was once in their shoes too, so I definitely understand what they are going through. But, I think that is what makes me a good producer. I can sympathize with them. I understand the difficulties of reporting, and I am willing to go the extra mile to help make it easier for them. Even if that means sitting down with them and going through the steps of how to use Nexio, or even shortcuts on how to edit in Premiere.


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