Breaking News Isn’t Always Fun

This video is a package of a breaking news event I got sent out on, the minute I was walking out of the newsroom, because I was done with work for the day. I had to park at a gas station past the Southbound Archer Road exit of I-75, only to have to walk up the entire exit, up into the overpass, and to where the accident had happened. On top of that, I got soaked in the rain, while waiting for the Florida Highway Patrol Spokesperson to show up. The one thing I learned that day, is breaking news will not always be pretty. Sometimes everything that could go wrong or could happen to you, will go wrong and/or happen to you. I chose to blog about this specific package, because it was one of the most eye opening stories I had ever been on. Simply for the fact, I had never done a story on a crash before, and also because of the difficult circumstances I was put in that night. Might I add, I worked from 9AM to 11:30PM that day. Plus, did two different packages.



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