About Darling

Darling Hill was born in California. Since then, she’s lived in Virginia, Washington D.C., and several cities in Florida. She has also traveled to Chile many times throughout her life. She speaks Spanish fluently, and at the age of 18 graduated with an Associate of Arts in Mass Communication from the College of Central Florida. Now a Senior at the University of Florida, she is pursuing a double major in Telecommunications-News Track and Political Science. She will graduate with both Bachelor’s degrees at the age of 20. Darling knew since 7th grade that broadcast journalism was what she wanted her life to be about. Not only did she start her own show for her middle school that year, she also won third place in the Marion County Media Festival for the instructional category. That year made her realize that journalism was where she wanted to be, and that it made sense, because she comes from a family of journalists which includes her grandfather and both of her uncles. She went on to place 1st in the Marion County Media Festival her senior year for a public service video. She currently works as a journalist, videographer, and Producer for WUFT-TV, a CNN and NBC affiliate. She is also an Associate Producer for GTN News, a CBS and NBC affiliate, and the Studio Manager for GTN’s “The Friday Night End Zone.” She interns at the Gainesville Police Department and is a reporter for the Gator Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists’ online magazine site,  Zion Magazine. In the past, she has Interned with GTN News, as well as been a Radio Producer and Journalist for WUFT-FM 89.1, an NPR affiliate.

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