My Future Coworkers and Friends, Yet Competition Part 2

This post will continue the positivity found in my last post.

James Fertil has a big life ahead of him. I haven’t known him for long, but I know that I am very interested to see what he is capable of, within the next year. I feel like he is very passionate about the field, very willing to work for the community. And really cares about his people and their issues. And we need reporters like that, who truly care and want to do things to help others. And I would definitely like to be his Producer next year, if I am given the chance.

Remember the name, Connor Ingalls, because he will be a household name. Connor has been doing sports for as long as I have known him. And he is truly, good at it. I am really happy to see his blog reflects his love of sports. And from what I can see, he isn’t writing meaningless posts about this sport and that, he is writing real op-eds. I am really hoping he can use this as another example of his sports journalism expertise.

Megan Trepper is a sweetheart and very good at taking criticism. You won’t see this on her blog, but when you meet her, she is so willing to take your advice and learn from it in order to better herself. But bettering herself, is in fact something you can see in what she writes. She gives you recipes to have a healthier lifestyle, and it is something you should really consider, if you want to better yourself and your life.


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