My Future Coworkers and Friends, Yet Competition

One thing you easily learn in the media world, is you become friends and in some cases, family with many of your coworkers. You all have a bond of moving from place to place, for very little pay, trying to make it big, and submitting your reel to every station known to man. But, at the end of the day you also realize they are your very competition.

One of the people that I work with and admire, in this aspect, is Crystal Bailey. Crystal is good at what she does. And looking from a producer’s perspective, I feel she is probably one of the best reporters at WUFT. I have known her for quite some time now. We have had classes together, interned together, worked together, and so on. And like my blog, Crystal’s focuses on a day in the life of a media individual. Except hers is more tailored to her internship days.

Another person I have known for some time is Aggie Buedo. I enjoy her blog, because it’s different. Sometimes it’s about smoothies, other times, it is about water, or stretching. Aggie does a good job of changing it up. And her bio is very energetic and lively. She really wants to represent herself in what she writes, because you really get to know her with every word she types.

The last person I would like to mention in this post, is Olivia Courtney. First off, that is a very catchy name. Perfect for TV if you were to ask me. But, like the others I have mentioned in this post, Olivia is going to go far. I have the honor of being her Producer on Fridays for WUFT’s “First at Five.” She makes an amazing Entertainment reporter. Her blog, also showcases the work she does, and who she wants to be in the media world. And I know she will go far, wherever TV takes her. She is willing to do what it takes. Even if it means doing open heart surgery for her standup (inside joke) lol.


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