Another Chapter Closes, But A New One Begins

As I write this post, I am only 16 days away from graduating from the University of Florida. My time here, has been well spent. In fact, the video above is my MMJ/Anchor Reel. It briefly summarizes and gives examples of my work during these last two years at WUFT News and GTN News (now CBS4 News).

Being at UF’s College of Journalism and Communications, has given me an immense advantage over other recent graduates applying for jobs in my field. I not only know what it is like to be a TV Reporter, but also a TV Producer, Radio Producer, Radio Journalist, and Web Writer. All of my work can be found at my website.

But, the CJC wouldn’t be THE CJC without the Center for Media Innovation and Research. The CMIR has helped students like me, have real word experience, with facilities like our 21st Century News Lab and the Aha! Lab. Without the Innovation News Center, me and my fellow classmates wouldn’t be able to get jobs in medium sized markets. We wouldn’t be able to compete at a higher rate for network internships. We wouldn’t be able to work with and meet some of the greatest professors and news managers in the industry.

So, in conclusion, I have to give my thanks to every professor I had in the CJC. I have to thank the news managers who worked day in and day out to make sure I know how to lead in the stations I may one day work at. I have to show my gratitude to the programs offered at the J-School. And I have to say, that the two years I have spent at the University of Florida, have been the greatest experience of my life. Forever and always, it’s GREAT to be a Florida Gator.


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